What is Snap 2 Secure?

  • Snap 2 Secure is a patented, installation system that secures your toilet seat so it will not loosen with use.

Why do we have it?

  • Bemis constantly conducts consumer research... thousands interviewed, one of the top two concerns is "loosening seat"
  • Bemis took on the challenge to solve this issue and address the consumers' concern

How did Bemis find the solution?

  • To solve the challenge, Bemis must first identify why seats loosen with use
  • Through science and testing, Bemis determined that seats loosen due to insufficient clamping force
  • Furthermore, the clamping force must be maintained through the "life" of the seat
  • Bemis also determined how the loosening process started and accelerated with use
  • Bemis's engineering team generated multiple designs and tested diverse materials looking for the perfect combination of performance and installation simplicity... they found the solution!

How does it work?

  • Each component of the system is engineered to generate and maintain the correct claming force
  • Bushing stabilizes the mounting bolt... restricting movement, the busing prevents the nut from loosening
  • Thrust Washer makes tightening easier and restricts nut movement, preventing it from loosening
  • Shear Line is engineered to snap when the correct claming force is achieved, ensuring a secured seat
  • Installation Head accepts the Installation Tool for final tightening... head will snap off when correct clamping force is reached
  • Nut maintains the claming force and prevents loosening... remove by simply turning with the Installation Tool
  • Installation Tool included providing you the right tool to properly secure your seat
  • The system is patented and over 10 million seats have been successfully installed using this system

How do we know it works?

  • Bemis conducts industry standard tests (ANSI 124.5) as well as Bemis specific test to simulate actual use over time
  • Bemis's "Side to Side" test simulates user movement on seat
  • Snap 2 Secure has been tested to over 30,000 cycles on the Side to Side test without any loosening of the seat!
  • Competitive risers and elevated seats do not achieve the correct clamping force and loosen easily during this test

Why is it important?

  • A secure seat is a must for anyone with sitting or standing issues
  • A secure seat provides independence... the user can trust their seat
  • Loose seats are more difficult to sit on and stand up from, increasing risk of a fall
Your Security is Our Priority!