Market Research:
Bemis Independence 3" Elevated Seat vs. Competitors


  • Worked with Schlesinger Associates... a well known and respected research company in the field of medical products
  • Conduct an IHUT with current users of elevated toilet seats (In Home Use Test)
  • Schlesinger recruited current users of elevated toilet seats across the United States
  • Participants were between 40 and 77 years old
  • Mix of males and females
  • Ethnically mixed participants


  • Pre-Survey… about their current elevated seat
  • Receive new seat (Bemis Independence) in plain carton with installation instructions
  • Installation Survey… how difficult was the installation?
  • Week one comparison… old seat versus the new seat
  • Week three assessment… now that you have used them both, what is your opinion...
  • Easy to Install: 6.5 on a 7 point scale (7 being very easy)
  • 100% preferred the new seat (73% said Significantly Better)
  • 100% would recommend the new seat to their family and friends
Actual quotes from the participants…
"The previous seat wasn't as secure as the new seat"
- Anthony 68, Phoenix AZ
"… the old one was like sitting on a tall bucket and very hard to keep clean.
The test seat was so much easier to use and clean."

- Janet 47, Indianapolis IN
"The old one was wobbly, especially during hygiene... Being able to close the lid was an unexpected bonus."
- Jill 55, Fort Pierce FL
"Easier to keep clean. Fits more secure. Better looking than other one I had.
Less medical looking if that makes sense"

- David 46, Danbury CT
"Comfortable support, durable, does not loosen or slip after hundreds of uses. And it's easy to install."
- Hazel 67, Atlanta GA
"Its easy to use, clean and has a much better appearance."
- Barbara 75, Groveland FL
"It keeps me from struggling"
- Stephen 50, Edgewater Park NJ
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