Our Strength: Toilet Seat Expertise

  • Bemis Manufacturing has been manufacturing toilet seats for over 75 years
  • We have been selling specialty seats into commercial locations to address ADA issues for over 30 years
  • We conduct consumer research on a regular basis to understand needs and wants of the seat consumer
  • Bemis Independence conducted in home use tests where current users of elevated seats replaced their current product with a Bemis seat… all participants preferred the Bemis seat, most of them by a wide margin.

What can we do for you…

  • Bemis Independence has redefined how to properly install a toilet seat using Snap 2 Secure to provide a truly secure, wiggle free seat
  • We have also redefined the appearance of a specialty seat, providing you a product that does not make your personal bathroom look like an institutional care facility
  • Our Snap 2 Secure installation system securely mounts your seat providing you confidence knowing your seat will always be safe
The Vision of Bemis Independence is Security
It starts with uncompromised seat security but goes well beyond that...

To Bemis Security is...

  • The ability to live in your home as long as you want to
  • Having the right products in your home to ensure your safety and well-being
  • Knowing that your bathroom does not look institutional and unwelcoming
  • Products that are honest "values" providing strong benefits for your independent lifestyle
Simply stated... Your Security is our Priority