Bemis Leadership in Toilet Seat Innovation

  • Satisfying the customer needs and product leadership are the keys to Bemis's growth and success
  • Bemis focused on innovation that delivered benefits to grow their business
  • By today's standards, some of Bemis's innovation may seem "tame", at the time, these changes were significant and changed the direction of toilet seats

Bemis Toilet Seat History

Precurser to Bemis, White Wagon Works incorporated

Bemis enters the toilet seat market

Plastic Hinges:

  • First manufacturer with the plastic hinge for the toilet seat
  • At the time hinges were brass
  • During World War II, all brass restricted to military use

First plastic hinges

"Molcor" Seats:

  • Solid, heavy duty seats with enamel finish
  • Manufactured using recycled wood "scraps"
  • Processed into a "wood flour" used to manufacture seats

Molcor manufacturing begins

Top-Tite® Hinge:

  • First seat to be installed/ tightened from the top
  • Simplified the installation process
  • Non-metal hardware preventing bolt and nut corrosion

Top-Tite® hinge

Bemis ProSeat:

  • First "regular" toilet seat to incorporate style with a heavy duty hinge
  • Defined standards for toilet seats moving forward at the time


Interchangeable, Non-slamming Seats:

  • Introduced seats that would not slam
  • Controlled close utilizing hydraulic modules
  • Hinge locks/ unlocks from mounting bolt
  • Easy to clean and replace

Interchangeable, non-slamming seat

Hextite Installation:

  • First to design non-metal toilet seat bolts that accept socket wrenches
  • Wrench provides quicker installation and more torque than a screwdriver


NextStep® Seat:

  • Standard toilet seat with child's ring for toilet training
  • Child's ring can be removed when no longer required


Snap 2 Secure Installation System:

  • Prevents toilet seat from loosening or wiggling when used
  • Simple to install ... Installation Head "snaps off" when properly tightened

Snap 2 Secure

XCITE Hinge:

  • Leafless Hinge with one piece base
  • Unique, "clean" appearance that minimizes areas to collect dirt


Just Lift® System:

  • Unique hinge system that simplifies cleaning the ceramic around the seat
  • Lift the seat up and away from the ceramic without disconnecting the seat from the bowl
  • Ouick and easy cleaning

Just Lift®